ST3 Trauma and Orthopaedic Interview Clinical Station

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ST3 Trauma and Orthopaedic Interview Clinical StationApplying To ST3 Orthopaedics?




There are 2 clinical scenario questions including one anatomy based scenario. Each question lasts approximately 7.5 minutes. Scoring is done independently by two assessors.

In 2014/5 there was a cut-off mark of 50% below which candidates were deemed unappointable, making this station particularly important and termed a so-called ‘killer station’. This has cut-off has been removed from 2016 onwards.

Clinical Orthopaedic Interview Case Examples

Top Tips

  • default_titleThe clinical station tests your core understanding of clinical orthopaedics. Together with direct questions you may be asked to describe radiographs or demonstrate how you would reduce a fracture or examine for a specific pathology
  • default_titleInterviewers will ask questions quickly to test how you perform under pressure
  • default_titlePatient safety is key and safe assessment, diagnosis and management of the patient in any given scenario will score you points
  • default_titleMake sure you know orthopaedic emergencies, common presentations and musculoskeletal anatomy
  • default_titleAnatomy and clinical scenarios can be tough and practise is key. Our ST3 Orthopaedic Interview Question Bank features over 670 interview questions with a focus on anatomy and clinical scenarios.
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